Approximately 9,500 Wesleyan alumnae live all across the USA and in 58 other countries. Stay connected with Wesleyan and consider starting a club or affinity group in your area. An alumnae club can be as simple as a book club or a pep squad to cheer on the Wesleyan Wolves when they are in your hometown. Plan a potluck or evening out with the sisters in your city. 每季度召开一次服务项目会议. Ask a Wesleyan representative to speak at your next meeting. The options are endless, and the resources are available to you. Some clubs coordinate their plans via Facebook and email; other groups send invitations. Contact the Alumnae Office for more ideas and for a list of alumnae in your city alumnae@employerdrugpolicy.com.


As an alumna, you know better than anyone the impact your Wesleyan experience has made on your life. Wesleyan College’s Center for 职业发展 and Alumnae Office are especially excited to facilitate mentorship opportunities. As our current Wesleyannes look towards and prepare for their futures, our alumnae are in a unique position to give back to the next generation of leaders. 与在读学生联系. 


当你从好用的足球外围app招人时, you will gain an employee who is both academically and professionally prepared.

Through a liberal arts education and academically challenging coursework, Wesleyan College's students develop the vital skills desired by employers. 

  • 专业的准备. All students receive professional development training throughout their college career.  
  • 面向团队的. Students participate in leadership positions, community projects, and challenging academics.
  • 至关重要的思想家. Wesleyan College's rigorous core curriculum ensures that all students learn to synthesize complex information through classroom participation and assigned projects.
  • 有效的沟通者. Students develop strong verbal and written communication skills in small classroom settings.

If you are interested in hiring a Wesleyan student as an intern or full-time employee, 请联系Ivy Word, 职业发展助理主任, 电话:(478)757-5224或 iword@employerdrugpolicy.com. 提供实习机会 在读学生.



We encourage you to sign up for AmazonSMILE and Kroger PLUS so the money you spend in your daily life supports the College, 好用的足球外围app的学生, 以及他们的未来.

亚马逊的微笑 offers the same wide selection of products and convenient shopping features as amazon.com. When you choose Wesleyan as your charitable organization, the College will receive 0.符合条件的购买价格的5%. Visit smile.amazon.com and log in with your Amazon username and password. You will be prompted to search for the charity of your choice. Enter Wesleyan College in the search bar, 点击搜索, and then select the Wesleyan College listing.

Kroger PLUS Enrolling your Kroger Plus Card in the Community Rewards Program costs nothing to join or participate, and Wesleyan receives a disbursement each quarter based on the combined spending of all registered supporters. 在克罗格登记.com by choosing Create Account under the Sign In icon. You’ll need your Plus Card when you do this. Once you’ve created an account (or if you already had one), simply log in and then choose My Account under the Valued Customer icon. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see Community Rewards. Enter Wesleyan College in the search bar, 点击搜索, and enroll by selecting the Wesleyan College listing.

Gifts to Wesleyan ensure that the College is able to provide $4 million in scholarships every year as well as quality academic programs and campus activities. The College relies on the generosity of alumnae to make the Wesleyan experience possible for 好用的足球外围app的学生. 今天制作礼物. 





Subscribe to Wesleyan's 好用的足球app推荐新闻博客!

Stay informed about happenings on campus. 艺术及文化活动, 学术活动, and accomplishments by our current students, faculty, staff, and alumnae are all highlighted in our campus news blog. 现在订阅 不要错过任何一个节拍.



好用的足球外围app是超级社交的. Below is a list of just a few of our official channels and pages you can follow to keep up with Wesleyan.








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It's chock-full of information and delivered right to your email in-box, so make sure we have your current email address by 在此更新您的资料.


WESmag -永远的最爱.

Many alumnae report that they read every word in every WESmag ——有时两次! It is our pleasure to brag about current students and alumnae in this bi-yearly publication. 在线阅读当前和过去的杂志.


Wesleyan College is privileged to steward many arts and cultural events and share them with the community. 大多数都是免费向公众开放的. Wesleyan art galleries are open M-F 1-5PM and on 好用的足球外围app市场 Saturdays from 10AM-2PM.



Tour our beautiful 200-acre campus featuring Georgian architecture, 郁郁葱葱的绿地, 娱乐设施, 学生宿舍, 礼拜中心.



Wesleyan College is home to five NCAA Division III sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, 和垒球. In addition, we offer an award-winning Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) Equestrian program.

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